Southeast Botanical Gardens

You stand inmidst of beautiful southern exotic plants, sourrounded by the refreshing and relaxing fragance of the flowers and trees. A wedding ceremony in midst of this green, and your wedding dress will shine beautifully there!

This place can accomodate small and large parties: A tent is provided for for large wedding groups, while smaller groups will find an ideal party location in the restaurant. In any case, the happy couple and all their guests will enjoy a fantastic wedding here!

The food is prepared with locally grown vetables and ingredients, as well as herbs from the garden itself, so everything is super fresh and tasty.

And there are so many things to see at the Southeast Botanical Gardens! For example, why not enjoy a tram tour through it after the wedding party? A truly enjoyable wedding!


Ufuya 100-Year-Old Historical House

A historical place right out of a movie set. This restaurant occupies an ensemble of three ancient folk houses built in the late Meiji period. The houses and its interiors where meticulously restored into their old elegance.

You will enjoy a delightful wedding ceremony in an space where the beauty of the past has been preserved like in a time capsule, and where the beautiful garden is filled with dazzling flowers and opulent plants.

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes from the culturally rich and fragant Ryukyu cuisine. Get a taste of Okinawa's "Agu" (Okinawa island pig) dishes, among many others. 

After the sumptuous dinner, a small stroll in the garden puts a finishing touch on a perfect and memorable wedding!


Sea Garden

The emerald green of the ocean and the irradiant blue sky spread out before your eyes. This is a "Wow! This is Okinawa!" kind of panorama.  

You feel the sea breeze on the terrace overlooking the ocean, where your ceremony takes place. And in the evening you watch the soothing twilight turning into a glinting night view.

Enjoy your party, be it in the evening, or as daytime event. Small groups also are very welcome here. The restaurant serves a refined french cuisine, and the bar waits with an extensive list of beverages cocktails offered.

Imagine yourself and your guests, each with an exotic cocktail in their hand, chatting along in this spectacular environment, passing a extraordinary party time. 

What an marvelous place for your party!


Pine Tree Bless (Pine Tree Breath)

This is a venue ideally suited for a stylish and luxurious wedding in a more formal setting. The Pine Tree Bless (Pine Tree Breath) restaurant is located inside the T Galleria shopping mall complex in the Omoromachi district of Naha.

It is a luxurious and refined restaurant in a wide and generous setting. It features an open kitchen which prepares excellent french cuisine dishes. The wine list includes fine wines from small French chateaus and top wineries around the world. And after dinner you can sit on the terrace with you favorite drink from the bar.

Everything contributes to its high-class atmosphere, ideally suited for a refined formal dress wedding ceremony and party.

And afterwards, you can enjoy shopping at the T Galleria, the only duty-free shopping mall in Japan. Want to explore the city and surrounding? No problem, several Rental car  offices are available. The T Galleria also connects directly to the Omoromachi station of the Yui-rail (the Okinawa Urban Monorail line), only 20 minutes away from Naha airport. 


Valley of Gangala Cave Cafe (Nanjo)

Jump into a time machine and land in a world before our time!

Many hundred thousands years ago, a limestone cave collapsed here and created the Valley of Gangala. Nowaday is it a nature reserve and popular spot where you feel the magnificence of nature, overgrown with big Banyan trees and southern tropical plants.

The Cave Café is located directly in the entrance of the limestone cave. You feel the cool air around you, and the stalactites and rock structures lend itself to a mysterious atmosphere. And when in the evening the lights are turned on, it turns into a fantastic other-worldly space.

The place offers various food options for your party: Either a catering service from a first-class hotel, or have your dishes freshly prepared on the spot by a chef on a catering cart specially moved into the cafe.

And while you are here, Why not make an fascinating walking tour with your guests before the party starts? A dedicated guide takes you into the nature riches of the forest and and fascinating rock structures of the caves. The personal walking tour as a gift to your guests, how does that sound?



This is a perfect spot for a simple party with good food and idle talk. A quiet and relaxing meeting place, where you pass your time among the sound of the waves. The beach in front of you feels like a private beach. 

You can almost make yourself think that you were living here in this place in Okinawa all your life. And you imagine how your family erected the building all by themselves!

When the tide goes down, you can take a walk on the nearby unpopulated Ejina island!

This place feels like it is ideally suited as a photo location for journals and photo books.

In the nearby sea grape farm you can experience the picking of the Okinawa sea grapes.




Thirabui Restaurant

"Thirabui" means 'to warm up in sunlight'.

This unique restaurant is housed in a former private house in the local Ryukyu style. Hibiscus flowers frame the entrance. You pass through the "Hinpun" (a screen between entrance and building which also is said to serve as charm against evil), and stand in front of the elegant and well maintained old house. 

Enter it, and you feel as if you are visiting your Okinawan grandpa and grandma. You feel the heart-warming atmostphere you missed for so long. You sit on the low tables on the tatami straw mats in the old all-wooden interior, and are served mouth-watering dishes from the regional cuisine of Okinawa.

This is the ideal location to do it Ryukyu-style: a traditional Okinawa wedding ceremony and banquet. If you want a beautiful wedding in an old-fashioned home, then this restaurant is the perfect fit.

And after the ceremony, if you are up for it, you could enjoy a fun barbeque party at the barbeque spot of nearby Hamahiga beach!







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