The Concept

What images spring to your mind when you hear the words "tropical resort wedding"?

Blue ocean, blue sky, white sand beaches. Radiant tropical flowers in rich greenery. The sun shines down on your wedding guests. You feel the breeze and hear their happy chatter in the endless hours of your happiest day. An enchanted time, so extraordinary, so perfect.

But then reality kicks in.

You have to look for an appropriate location abroad, balance the multi-day schedule in order to accomodate everyone who attends—bride and groom, their familes, relatives, and friends. Not to speak of the expenses for the ceremony, the reception, travel and accommodations for the guests, and so on…

The more one looks into it, the more obstacles appear between your dream and its realization. So abandon these dreams completely? Or cut down on the event – just a small ceremony overseas, and the reception later at home?


But what if your dream could come true, right here in Japan?! We at Miracle Magical Wedding want to make dreams come true for those who gave up on an tropial resort wedding.

Impossible, you say? Let's see:

·If the wedding is in Japan, you have shorter trips – even day trips for guests are possible.

·Add the lack of a time difference, and scheduling for your guests becomes much easier.

·And of course: no passports are necessary.

Miracle Magical Wedding specializes in resort weddings in the beautiful tropical island of Okinawa.

In dreamlike resorts, we offer to look after you and your guests on your big day. Everything will be organised for you, from wedding ceremony to the reception and party:

·Of course the ceremony, and also the reception party will be American style.

·The experienced staff will include a florist which extensive experience in wedding arrangements, a bilingual master of ceremonies, etc.

·All the music will be played by a live band.

·After the party, the guests will see you off while you leave in an convertible car, the bouncing tin cans following you starting into your new life…

etc. etc.

That dream can come true for you as well!

With Miracle Magical Wedding, your wedding will become a perfect day just like that scene in your favorite movie. Did you arrive at an overseas wedding? It certainly feels like it!

With Miracle Magic Wedding, the magic starts here and now. We will realize your dream wedding, your start into a happy future as a couple. Promised!

Now, just take your first small step. How about meeting your personal Fairy Godmother for your Big Day?